Burr Oak Tree and Mick Hanbury Tutorial

Looks like I am getting a whole tree of burr oak later this week. The tree was felled about 18 months ago, but I expect there to be some good usable sections. Tree trunk (all that is left) is about 1.5 metres in diameter and 5 metres long. Of this length about half is completely burr growth with a few other odd sections of burr growth. At what was ground level the tree was hollow and rotting – the reason for its felling), but further up the trunk there is plenty of sound growth. When I get into it, I will post some more pictures of the timber reclaimed.


Meanwhile, I have been fortunate enough to have a one-to-one session with Mick Hanbury, who was staying with me prior to his demonstration at Mid Wales Woodturners recently. Unfortunately the meeting was cancelled at the last minute die to atrocious weather conditions; we were snowed in for two days, so Mick was unable to leave us. A couple for very informative hours were spent in colouring a platter blank that I had roughed out previously, and Mick made great use of Jo Sonja iridescent and metallic acrylic paints to produce a stunning effect in blues and greens.