Getting back to turning

After many trials and tribulations I am resurrecting my woodturning blog. If you still follow me, you are very patient and I hope to give you periodic updates on turning and life in Mid Wales.

My Woodfast M410 lathe has been swapped for a new Jet 1642. It doesn’t have the same swing over the bed as the Woodfast, but has a much longer bed, allowing for spindle turning. It also has a headstock which slides down the lathe bed, so that hollowing can be done from the end of the bed without having to lean awkwardly over the lathe.

I have also invested in a Trend Airshield Pro to give better dust protection, particularly during sanding operations. It’s a bit on the heavy side but the mild inconvenience is well worth it for the extra protection it offers.

As a committee member of Mid Wales Woodturners, one of my actions for the club is to provide accommodation for visiting demonstrators as most of them travel quite long distances to our meeting venue in Carno. This past year my wife and I have had the pleasure of the company of Andrew Hall, Paul Hannaby, Les Thorne and, most recently, Nick Agar. All of those gents are great company for an evenings chat (and not always about turning!), but the level in the bottle of single malt has gone down significantly. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to hosting this years demonstrators starting in March.


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