More timber for my woodstore!!

Just taken delivery of a whole load of turning timber from a fellow member of Mid Wales Woodturners who lives only a mile or so from me.

Some lovely yew branches, some quite thick; a 6ft length of cherry; some very nice looking laburnum; slabs of ash and lime. All in all, enough timber to fill the back of my Discovery (with the rear seats down)and should make a dozen or more vases, bowls and hollow forms.

All this timber in exchange for a bowl gouge!!  Thank you, John!!

A Hanging Bowl!

My entry for the UK Workshop woodturning challenge for March was a bowl suspended by golden threads from a mounting arm which was turned in sycamore, drilled through using Forstner bits and ebonised. I came third, which is very pleasing for a technique that I have not tried before.

The bowl is made from spalted beech which was finished with microcrystalline wax. The bowl is 4″ (100mm) in diameter and 2″ (50mm) deep. The walls of the bowl are 4mm thick throughout.

Any comment would be welcome!!

1 General View 2 Inside of Bowl 3 Underside of bowl 4 Close up of bowl amd mounting arm 5 Close up of the bowl